The Mysterious Southwest Decanter

This ceramic vessel is beautiful no question, but it really has us stumped as to what it is, where it comes from, or even it's age! This is what we do know..we acquired it in Arizona. It was part of an auction lot we purchased which consisted of vintage china, glass collectibles, and antiques. Unfortunately, there was no other information available when this item was purchased. However, the item does look aged, it appears to have been designed to hold liquid of some type, there are some stains on it, the design of the vessel is very simple and the basic fish image appears to be burnt on to what may have been leather definitely seems to be very old. We just don't know how old. 


After some research online and due to it’s design, decorative image and how this item compares to similar items of the region/era; we believe this item originates from the southwest region of the United States and it could be as old as a few decades or a few hundred years old. The pottery may be from a native tribe. We will continue to gather more for information on this very interesting piece and will post our findings on this blog as more information becomes available..So stay tuned! 

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